Helping The Stressed, Overworked, & Overwhelmed And Turning Them Into Elite Performers.

Taking An Unconventional Approach To How We Move, Live, Think & Feel


Alex Seyfarth
(Wests Tiger #232, NRL Debut 2020)

Az is one of the good guys in Athlete Preparation and High Performance Coaching. I met him back in 2015 when I was coming through the Academy System at the West Tigers, and he’s been part of my journey as a player and person ever since. His understanding of what it takes to be a High Performing Athlete & Person is second to none and he truly knows how to get the best of people, which is a skill that's hard to come by in our world!  

Blake Worrall-Thompson
(High Performance Coach)

I've known and worked with Az for many years and his approach to the mental and physical side of Athletic Development & High Performance is brilliant. When I signed up to my first Ironman my body (and mind) was in all sorts. I was having shoulder, hip and knee problems and within a month of following his guidance, all 3 had gone. The ironman is a super challenging event but I'm feeling more comfortable in my body and mind with the help and guidance from AZ!

Niwa Barlow
(Rugby Union Athlete)
I found Az after a few years of inconsistent performances, injuries, and some pretty poor mentally seasons. But in only a few short months, his guidance on and off the field has given me the confidence in my body and my ability that is taking my game to a whole new level. After coming off my best and consistent season yet, I am now getting the recognition I know I’m capable of, and I could not have done this without Az’s help!