A2Z Strength Show Episode 3: Dan Cooper: Former Australian Special Forces SAS Solider, PHD Researcher & Adventurer Racer

Dan Cooper, is a former SAS Solider in The Australian Special Forces where he served for over 22 years, he holds an Undergraduate Degree, 2 x Masters Degrees and is currently doing his PHD at Macquarie University (Aus) in and around decision making in high performance environments. 

Through his work he is developing best practices and methods to help us civilians in the real world make better decisions under stressful environments/conditions so that we can all have the ability to perform at our peak.     

As well as all this work, Dan keeps himself entertained as an Extreme Adventurer and Endurance Competitor, this has seen him head all over the world to some of the wild places on earth to compete in crazy ass events like his most recent one to Alaska for the Iditarod Adventure Race. 

This was an amazing interview that went in many directions and there is some gold nuggets in here for all of us. 

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A2Z Strength Show Episode 2: Nathan Martin (Tennis Fitness)

Welcome to the Second Episode of the ‘A2Z Strength Show’, a space where I get to chat with some of the greatest Coaches and Minds in the world of High Performance and Human Optimisation.

Todays guest is none other than my good mate Nathan Martin of TENNIS FITNESS Nathan and his wife (Gisele) are the go to practitioners when it comes to world tennis. Their careers have seen them travel for 6 years on ATP Tour, run a successful academy in Spain, and also build a ever expanding business now that they are back home in Australia.

They have both played a major part in a tonne of the top ranked players you and I have come to know, Lleyton Hewitt, Sam Stosur, Casey Dellacqua, Martina Navratilova, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Jennifer Capriati and Monica Seles, just to name a few.

Nathan is one of the good guys in the world of high performance sport, he’s incredibly humble, easy going and is one of the main guys who I go to for advice. If you are a aspiring player, coach or just keen to hear some great stories from the tour, this is worth a listen. Especially when he tells the story about Novak Djokovic up the tree.  

Watch a snippet below, or click here to watch the full interview!

A2Z Strength Show Episode 1: Dr Nic Gill 

Welcome to the first episode of the ‘A2Z Strength Show’, a place where I’ll be meeting with some of the greatest and most inspiring coaches, to hear about the world of high performance, but from their side of things. On to todays guest, and what a place to start! Dr Nic Gill has been the S & C coach for the All Blacks for 13 years, he’s a professor, an author, runs an avocado orchard, a husband and father; and after spending a couple of hours with him can confirm he’s a top bloke too. I’d heard a few interviews with him in the past which focussed more on the All Blacks and athlete side of things, but I was keen to take a different approach and find out more about him as a coach, and a person, which is what this show is all about.

Watch a snippet below, or click here to watch the full interview!