“Seek the path of most resistance”

Seeking the pleasures and creature comforts of every day life is great and all, but it’s not doing us any favors in dealing with the demands of everyday life. Sitting at home on the couch eating chocy is not going to prepare our minds and bodies for the constant bombardment of stressors and stimuli thats facing us each and every day.  

“Freedom lies on the other side of resistance” 

Our bodies have the unique way of rewarding us if we treat it the way that it was intended to be treated, we are made to MOVE, we are made to be EXPOSED to different environments, and we have the ability to deregulate the body when its in a heightened state through just our BREATH, and its through these consistent practices that true freedom awaits!

“If we don’t lean into pain everyday, pain will start to lean into us”

So with the help of Science and your eagerness for change here is the solution for you and your health goals. With the help of some cutting edge Education, Programmes, Products, Experiences and Content, A2Z Strength is here to help, A2Z Strength is your one stop shop for all things high performance, and getting the best out of you, your mind, and your body.   

A2Z Strength Founder

I’ve been fortunate of being a High Performance Coach in Professional Sport for most of my adult life, and because of this I’ve been able to work with and along some of the brightest minds in our field and some of the best athletes throughout Australia and NZ.  It’s literally been my job to create as much stress and resistance in people as humanly possible but still make sure they rock up week in, week out and perform at their best! 

“Denial is the ultimate comfort zone”

I’m now in the position where I get to combine my passion, my formal education, and my years of experience into A2Z Strength and what you see here, and I couldn’t be more excited, this has been years in the making and its not just for athletes, and thats the exciting part, the majority of people in this world have no idea of the options or the tools that are available to them to make them perform at their best, and its my goal to bridge this gap!   

What's My Vision?

To create a global community striving for excellence while inspiring others along the way to become the best versions of themselves!

 See you on the other side;

Aaron Zimmerman



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