Unleash your full potential and perform at an ELITE level, physically & mentally.

I am a born and raised Kiwi who’s been living in Australia now for many years now. I am a husband, a father to 3 crazy ass boys, and I’m reluctantly nearing my 40’s.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a High Performance Coach in Professional Sport for most of my adult life, and because of this I’ve been able to work with and alongside some of the brightest minds in sport, and some of the best athletes from both sides of the Tasman.  It’s literally been my job to make people as robust and resilient to the demands of their life (aka sport) as humanly possible but still make sure they rock up week in, week out and still perform at their best.

Throughout this coaching journey I’ve also run numerous businesses in and around the fitness industry, as well as conducting seminars, workshops, and interviews with some incredible human beings, from Professors, Scientists, Coaches, Corporate's, Business Owners, Authors and Thought Leaders from all corners of the globe.

I know first hand what it takes to get a pro athlete or high achiever to perform at their best from a physiological & psychological viewpoint, and I feel passionate about helping others do the same, no matter their background or circumstances.

Over the years (especially since I became a father in 2017) I’ve come to realise that to be truly a high performer (at work, on the field, at home, or anywhere for that matter) it's fundamental you master your physical health, your mind, your actions & your behaviors.

This is the key to achieving what you want in life!

Not much use being the strongest you ever have, if you are a shell of a human on the inside, filled with negative self doubt and stress.

We’ll dive into your lifestyle, upbringing, limiting beliefs and goals -  then work through a custom coaching plan that integrates not just exercise, but also on how to create a robust and resilient mind to the demands of your daily life, what ever that happens to be for you!

By covering both the physical and mental aspects of performance, we can achieve a holistic solution that helps you feel clear, strong, calm and confident on the inside, and strong & powerful on the outside. 


  • You want to perform at an elite level. You might already be a professional athlete, or you might be a corporate employee, but you want to push yourself to achieve in all areas of your life (not just in the gym) 
  • You’re struggling with, negative self doubt, destructive habits, poorly structured routines, detrimental stress levels etc
  • You’ve heard about meditation and breathwork, or mindfulness practices but not sure how to get started, or if it’s your kinda thing…
  • You’ve seen people online jump in a freezer full of ice - and thinks it looks awful (but possibly a bit intriguing)
  • You want MORE than a coach who writes programmes
  • You want to be held accountable but also have a laugh along the way
  • You want to work with someone relatable
  • You want to be mentored by someone who experienced more than I would care to admit
  • You need some tools to better cope with stress - and to possibly stop turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms 
  • You want more out of your gym sessions - you know the basics, but you know you you can give a lot more


  • Free initial zoom/call - let’s chat and chat about where your current situation, goals, and see if you think my coaching style would suit
  • 1 hour coaching | via zoom or phone
  • Voice message coaching
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching pack
  • 12 week program

Whether you opt for a one-hour coaching session or a transformative 12-week program, you'll experience a profound shift in your capabilities and mindset.

I will help you cultivate an unshakable winning mindset, develop unwavering focus, and tap into your inner reservoirs of strength and determination.

Don't settle for mediocrity when greatness is within your reach.

Invest in yourself, commit to your success, and embark on a journey of personal and professional transformation.

Are you ready to elevate your performance and unleash your full potential? Shoot me a message below today to line up a free call.

Take the first step towards achieving extraordinary results.