I quit the best job I ever had;

I had the best Crew that I've ever worked with, the best Environment I've ever been a part of, by far the best Facility I've ever worked from, and at a time when the club was turning things around on the field. 

And since the Christmas Break of this year, I walked away from it all!

 They say that we will only ever make true change in our lives through two ways;

Crisis or Choice!

Juggling a young family is hard, very hard in fact, it could well be the biggest daily grind we ever face, but when you add a demanding job (like a High Performance Coach in Sport) on top of that;

The long hours,
The weekend work
The constant traveling
The short term contracts
Not being able to control your time; 

Family life can be even harder!

There's a quote around work from the book
'The Psychology Of Money' By Morgan Housel
(I highly recommend this book too by the way)
that I always think about;

'Doing something you love on a schedule you can't control, is the same thing as doing something you hate'

And I can 100% relate to this;

I had my dream role, in my best environment, and deep down I knew it wasn't right, I wasn't happy, and here's why; 

We all work from a Value System, whether we know it or not, and our overall happiness and fulfillment is very much tied to how we are living in alignment to these Values.

For me, my Value System is tied around;

Freedom (being able to choose how I spend my 3 most valuable resources, my time, my attention & my $$)
Connection (with family, friends, nature, work & myself)
Health (Mental, Physical & Spiritual)

With the benefit of hindsight, working in Sport only hit 2 parts of my Value System;

It was great for my physical health,
I had connection to my work

But apart from these, this was it, so it was a role that was never going to work for me long term, and it's why I was never truly happy.

  And in Sep last year, this all came to a head, our Crisis some would say!

After our youngest son Jack's Diagnosis, Both Megan & Myself knew instantly that our lives had moved in another direction and that we needed to make some drastic changes, changes that were more in alignment to our Value System and what we wanted/needed as a family;

Since having kids we've been in search of the 4 S's (Stability, Security, Space & Support),

and in a weird turn of events, throughout this year, the 4 S's were beginning to point us back to my home town in NZ;

So we decided to take a leap of faith, make the change and move country;

With no jobs, no income, nothing.....

And It's scary as fuck, probably the scariest, most uncertain thing we've ever done, but I have this deep faith that it was the right thing to do and it's what we needed as a family;

So in that faith, I know we will sort it all out, get through this initial shock, and we all will eventually thrive!

And you know what, after only 2 weeks, it's already proving so!

All I can say to anyone this may hit home for, and questions we asked ourselves while at this junction of life;

Whats the cost to yourself, your family or your loved ones of not making change?
If making change is in alignment to what you truly value, whats the worst that could happen? 

If you can answer these 2 questions truthfully and honestly, you'll know what to do! 


Until next time