Want Results? Make Changes!

Not losing weight?

Trying to get fit?

Struggling to see any improvement in your health & wellness despite putting in the effort?,

It’s probably time for a change;

An un-conventional approach!

This off-season I’ve been faced with this exact problem.

I’m working with one of our young up and coming players, who’s coming off a significant injury and is in the process of getting back to full health and fitness!

But here’s the problem… He’s been known to be lazy, unmotivated, and has a very poor lifestyle outside of us, so seeing any meaningful change this year has been minimal.

He's also a great kid who I have a tonne of time for, he just needs to be shown the way every now and then;

I knew I had my work cut out for me here, and I had to mix things up, so here’s what I did;
  • Reduced his daily calorie intake (3 small meals a day, no snacking)
  • Decreased his Carb, increased his Fat & Protein Intake (this is a easy way to decrease total daily calories)
  • Made him send me a photo of every meal he ate
  • Set daily activity targets (calories burnt, standing hrs, daily activity duration & steps on his Apple Watch)
  • Started tracking his outputs (steps, calories burnt, training sessions, sleep on his Apple Watch)
  • Had him share this data with me so I had a life view of where he was at on my phone through my Apple Watch app
  • Gave him incidental activities to do to curb boredom during the day where he would typically snack (outside walks, bike rides, swims etc)
  • Created a night time routine (introduced night time meditating, got him to turn his phone onto airplane mode at 9pm)
  • Started to track his HRV score (measure of stress) from his watch
  • Communicated with him constantly (to stay on top of it all)   

And you know what happened?

He got sick week 1, managed to only train twice, put weight on, and ended up his heaviest weight yet (140kg);

But this wasn’t to last, as the above systems we had in place would soon kick into gear!

So week 2, lost 7kg
Week 3, lost another 3kg
Week 4, he is on target for another 3-5kg (this is our current week)

All of this got me thinking about the 3 A’s concept I learnt years ago.

Accountability, Adherence & Adaption

If you truly want to achieve something, become Accountable, accountable to yourself & accountable to someone else (letting someone down is one of humans greatest fears, so use it to your advantage), because when you're accountable you will (most of the time) stick the a programme (Adherence), and if you stick to a programme consistently and long enough, you will see meaningful change (Adaption)

We all have things we want to change or improve on, my question to you is have you set yourself up to fail or have you got systems in place that make it near impossible for failure to occur???


Until next time