6 months ago, I was at some sort of crossroad; 

Between work, family & my physical/spiritual/mental health,
I felt like I was being pulled in many directions,

I had no idea what this crossroad meant, what my next move was or even when change was going to happen.

All I knew was that;

I desired to spend more time with my wife and kids, have ample space to raise them, be surrounded by nature,

and to have,

more freedom, control and autonomy, over all aspect of my life (time, $ & attention).

And you know what...

After some big decisions over the corresponding few months, listening to our hearts, and makings some Leaps,

Things started to fall into place,

but these changes haven't been easy,

I've had to rethink what I thought my identity to work was and what it will be in the future (this is still a big work in progress), my wife had to go back to work, our kid got a diagnosis of diabetes, and we moved countries, 

Some would say that these changes came at a cost!

But all change comes at a cost, to change we must make decisions, shed old skins and become someone different, 

And that shit is scary, but it's in this space where all the growth happens!

In these scary, unknown and pathless times I always go back to these simple questions I ask myself;

Who am I becoming?
What am I trying to create? 

And If I can answer these questions clearly, I know I'm on the right path,

regardless of how scary and unknown it may be!




I've really let my routines around health slip these last few months;

I've gone from working in a Pro Sport, world class training center with all the mod cons, training 5-7 times / week, constantly moving, burning a shit tonne of calories and walking close to 20,000 steps a day;

to nothing.......

Absolutely nothing! 

And boy do I feel it,

So, things need to change,

some could say,

I need to shed my lazy self, my habits, and my behaviors, 

Because they no longer serve me,

And I need to make myself accountable to what I want to achieve.

So I made myself a check list,

What I call the 'Win The Day Checklist'


Because when I've completed one of these things, I feel like I'm winning in life, I love the feeling of being productive and getting stuff done, and I'm doing things that I truly value.

In other words, as I tick off things, I'm 'winning the day', and we all what that feeling don't we?

So now, I have this sheet printed off on my fridge as we speak, I see it every day, and it's a great feeling to tick things off, it's all about creating momentum!




I've been reading more and more about the issues kids face with watching TV too much, the constant dopamine hits from YouTube, Netflix & Device watching is having massive impacts on our kids mental state.

Shows like Bluey, Mr Beast & pretty much all kids crap is a feast for the senses, you have constantly changing scenes, loud noises and massively edited human interactions that our kids little brains just can't handle, 

And it was beginning to impact our older boys (6 & 5);

Anger towards each other, inability to free play, complaining about being bored, they were a punish!

So I woke up one morning with a crazy idea, and we went cold turkey, nothing, no TV, not Netflix, no anything....

And it's been the best thing we've ever done, it's changed our household!

It took a few days of punishment, but now our boys play board/card games with each other, they're outside way more, and we're doing way more as a family as well.

Does it require us to be more active and involved parents, you bet it does, but the trade offs have been well worth it. 



Since meeting my wife and having kids my money story has been wrong, I've been obsessed with;

How can I make more money?
How can I provide more for my family?

Unfortunately I now know and look back at this way of thinking and understand that looking at money this way doesn't serve me the way that I thought it did;

This way of looking at money puts me in this state of fight or flight/survival mode which heightens my nervous system and in time always causes me stress. Also this way of thinking/feeling ultimately comes from a place of lack or scarcity which on a deeper subconscious level is telling me or reinforcing to me that I'm not good enough, and this in time also causes me stress.

I know that solving my money story can't and will not change from this state or place, my mind, body and subconscious won't allow it!

So I'm making it my life mission to change this money story to a more positive one, one that comes from a place of abundance rather than scarcity and the questions I'm now asking myself are really changing my perspective on things; 

How can I be more of service and significance to the world?


Who do I need to become to have an abundant financial life?

If I can answer these questions truthfully and honestly, things will come my way, that much I am sure of;

Watch this space! 
Until next time