The Day It All Changed

I thought I had my path all figured out! 

Then I had kids, 3 of them in fact, all crazy ass boys, and it changed my whole perspective on pretty much everything in my life;

How I wanted to show up for them, Who I wanted to be as a father, husband, son, brother & friend, How I wanted to raise them, How I wanted to work & impact the world around me.

Like I said, pretty much everything; 

For me personally and for lots of people around me, It's very easy to get caught up in the world of sport; 

hanging out with these people that society puts up on a pedestal, being on tv once in a while, coaching the top 1% of athletes in a given sport. 

This all can play tricks on ones ego and identity if left unattended;

And to be honest, it's been a massive internal conflict for me for some time now and trying to decipher what the hell it all means for myself and my families future, and even what to do with this new found information is often the part where we as parents or parents to be, get so unstuck in how we feel about ourselves and world we exist in!

But here's what I now know...... and this is so so important......

Our identity is not formed and shaped by 'what we do', it is formed by 'who we are'!

Read that last sentence again, let that sink in, cause I've really started to think about this on some truly deep levels these last few years.

For the people that matter the most to us, they truly don't give a shit what we do, on the surface they might, but ultimately what they are attracted to and what will imprint on them the most is who we are, most importantly, who we are when we are around them!

As my wife once told me 'you will not be remembered by what you do, but you will always be remembered by who you raise' 

So if you find yourself in a crossroad of your life, around work, your identity with it, and how you're showing up in the world, ask yourself some simple questions; 

- What do you truly and honestly want to do with your life?
- Who do you want to be for the people that matter most to you?

These two questions will be a gateway to how you see the world, and how you fit into it, and where you want to head;

it has for me, and even though I still have no idea what the future will hold on my journey, I know it will be one that has a greater impact on more than just my life, and that's the exciting part! 

Until next time