I'm part of this business/personal development community and was ask a question from one of the members that I thought I should share with you all!

The question was quiet simply, 'What is the most important thing you've learned about physical training (fitness)?'

This was such a great question, but funny enough I've never taken the time to truly think about it, but once I did the answers just flowed out!

So for your reading pleasure, below is the top things I've learnt about fitness, training and general movement over the years;

    •    Move Well & Move Often

    •    Make It Varied

    •    If Intent & Intensity Is Not Present, You Will Not Get Adaptation

    •    If You Pile On Physical Fitness On An Already Stressed Nervous System, You Will Feel/Get Worse, Not Better. So Learn How To Deregulate Your Mind/Body Before You Layer On Training Stress

    •    Training Is Like Investing, You Only Start To See or Feel The Benefits As Your Consistency Compounds, Day After Day, Week After Week, Year After Year

    •    It’s Not Really Training Unless There Is Tension, Resistance & Some Form Of Pain/Struggle Going On (you can’t get adaptations unless this is occurring unfortunately)

    •    The Best Training Programme Will Never Out Work A Shitty Lifestyle! If True Health Is What You Want, Then A global Approach That Covers All Aspects Of Ones Health Is Whats Needed

    •    The Majority Of Us Know What We Should Be Doing When It Comes To Our Health, So Stop Thinking About What You Should Do, Think About Why Aren’t You Currently Doing It

    •    As Much Of A Punish It Can Be At Times, Get Your Kids Involved In All Things Physical Fitness/Movements! This Will Help In So Many Aspects Of Their Physical & Mental lives

    •    Make Your Training Both Nature & Gym Based As Much As You Can (expose yourself to the elements)

    •    The Reason Why Physical Fitness Is So Important Is That It’s A Body Practice, And Because Of This, You Get Out Of Your Head And Start To Feel What The Body Is Experiencing. This Feeling Rather Than Thinking Process Is Life Changing (This is also why I also practice breathwork, meditation on a shakti mat, sauna, cold water immersion etc)

    •    The Reason Why We Fail At Our Health & Wellness Goals Is Quiet Simply Because We Just Don’t Want It Enough, The Want Is More Of A Desire Than A Goal, And This Is Usually Because You Think You Should Have It Or Be It Because That’s What Society Tells Us. So Make Sure Your Health Goal Is Actually Something You Want, So Figure This Out & I Guarantee You Will Hit Your Goals Way Easier!

    •    Kids, Lack Of Time, Work Are The Best Excuses To Not Take Action, But As They Say, ‘Excuses Are Lies Only You Believe’. We All Have The Same Excuses In Reality, So Make Some Sacrifices, Get Up Earlier, Get Out On Your Lunch Break etc And Do Something For Yourself 


I hope some of things hit home for you as they did for me;

Until next time