How We Spend Our Time Is Everything

By the age of 12, we will have spent 75% of our in person time with our parents or our kids; 

and by the age of 18, this number increases to 92%. 

Let that sink in for a moment.....

The amount of Family Dinners
Family Walks
Family Conversations
Family Car Trips
Family Adventures
Family Trainings
Family Teachings
Family Learnings
Family Hangouts

All start to diminish at the blink of an eye after age 12!

And for the majority of society, we are oblivious to this; 

We leave for work at stupid o'clock to beat the traffic
We work crazy hours
We come home with work energy all tired and stressed
We're short, snappy and irritable to our kids and loved ones
Then we distract ourselves with our phones until it's dinner and
Before we know it, we've rushed through dinner, shoved the kids to bed, and watched Netflix for the next few hours to 'chill out'

And this goes on, every day, of every week, every year;

Then we wonder 'where did all the time go?', and unfortunately when we get to this point, it's usually too late!

And you know what the crazy part of all of this is?

All kids want, is the attention of 2 people;

They don't give a shit with how much you made that day
The car you drive
The clothes you wear
The house you live in

All they care about is how much time and attention they get with their mum and dad, and how you made them feel! 

So then why are we trapped in this cycle of living and existing in ways that creates pressure and distance in the family unit when all they really want is you? 

This is something I'm pondering each and every day of late, especially since my youngest had his diagnosis the other month. 

Remember, at the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is how you show up to the people that matter most to you!    

The question is, how do you plan to show up?

Until next time