You may think that High Performance Coaching is solely for the Athlete we see on our big screens, but I can assure you that this is not the case!

We all need to perform in some way or form at our best each and every day, whether we are the;

- Boss/Business owner who’s wanting to show up, lead & inspire their staff, family, but most importantly, themselves in better and stronger ways.
- The Employee of a company who wants to take more on, handle bigger projects and have the mental capacity and resiliency to do so, so that they can get that promotion at the end of the year.
- The Athlete who wants to be better at handling the pressures of week to week scrutiny of coaches, media, fans, but ultimately themselves.
- The stay at home parent who wants to show up for their family but also for themselves so that their own health and wellness goals are not forgotten.

When we break things down like this, we all are high performing individuals who are ultimately after the same thing, getting the best out of their bodies, minds and souls so that we can have more fulfilling, connected, and purposeful life. 


Alex Seyfarth
(Wests Tigers #232, NRL Debut 2020)

"Az is one of the good guys in Athlete Preparation and High Performance Coaching. I met him back in 2015 when I was coming through the Academy System at the West Tigers, and he’s been part of my journey as a player and person ever since. His understanding of what it takes to be a High Performing Athlete & Person is second to none and he truly knows how to get the best of people, which is a skill that's hard to come by in our world!


So the million dollar question is how can I help you?

Quite simply I make you ‘Better Than Before’ and I do this using a tailored and personalised approach that's based around my 4 Key Pillars of Health;

- Mental
- Physical
- Spiritual
- Financial

If you can master these key components, you can master your life and the direction you want to head. (Funny enough, if you work on the first 3 Pillars, the Finance one tends to take care of its self)

But first we need to decipher how you are getting in your own way, what behaviors, what attitudes and habits do you currently practice that are impacting how you live your life right now? And then what steps can we put in place to create new behaviors, thoughts and actions so that we can get you moving forward to where you want to be, this is all done in our Initial Discovery Call




How Does It Work?