Who's This For?

If you want this programme, but also want the guidance, the accountability & support to get shit done, then this is the version for you! 

Not only do you get the programme, but you also get the added security of being able to contact me directly at any time to guide you throughout the 12 weeks.

 Programme Description

This programme has been working quietly in the background for quite some time now, evolving & refining into what you see today, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Whether you're the Weekend Warrior, the Seasoned Pro, or just after a more advanced training setup, then this is for you!

This is by far my most advanced and comprehensive programme to date, so I'm really excited to be offering it to you right now.

I am fortunate to be able to draw upon my many years of Professional Sport Coaching, Training of Professional Athletes, and exposure to High Performance Environments, to bring you the systems and teachings I’ve learnt along the way!

What should you expect?

A compressive weights programme, covering everything from General Strength, right through to High Grade Movements. Aerobic Field Testing and subsequent Training Drills, right through to your essential Speed Development Training.

What You Get

    • 12 Week Programme
    • 6 Sessions / Week
    • 2 x Lower Body Weights / Week
    • 2 x Upper Body Weights / Week
    • 1 x Speed Development Session / Week
    • 1 x Aerobic Session / Week
    • 60 Page PDF EBOOK
    • Instructional Videos For All Exercises, Routines & Drills
    • Contact With Me So You Can Get Tips, Tricks, Recovery Strategies On All Things Performance, & How To Get The Best Out Of This Programme, So you Can Maximise Your Results.



    Train Like The Pro's For Less Than A Coffee / Day


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    Who's It For

    • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
    • Seasoned Athletes
    • Weekend Sport Warriors
    • Anyone Wanting To Take Their Training & Performance To The Next Level


    Alex Seyfarth
    (Wests Tigers #232, NRL Debut 2020)

    "Az is one of the good guys in Athlete Preparation and High Performance Sport. I met him back in 2015 when I was coming through the Academy System at the West Tigers, and he’s been part of my journey as a player and person ever since. His understanding of what it takes to be a professional athlete is second to none and he truly knows how to get the best of people, which is a skill thats hard to come by in our world."

    Niwa Barlow
    (Rugby Union)
    "I found Az after few years of inconsistent performances and injury plagued seasons. But in only a few short months, his guidance and programming knowledge has given me the confidence in my body and ability that is taking my game to a whole new level. After coming off my best and consistent season yet, I am now getting the recognition I know I’m capable of, with Super Rugby & NZ Under 20’s opportunities coming my way. I could not have done this without Az’s help!"

    Blake Worrall-Thompson
    (High Performance Coach)

    "I've known and worked with Az for many years and his approach to Athletic Development is brilliant. When I signed up to my first Ironman my body was in all sorts. I was having shoulder, hip and knee problems and within a month of following his program all 3 had gone. The ironman is a super challenging event but I'm feeling more comfortable about it now with the programming from AZ."

    Ned Cusack
    (Personal Trainer & Health Coach)

    “I’ve worked with AZ for 11 years and during this time his knowledge and passion for coaching and high performance has been inspirational. I’ve been exposed to strength training for 16 years and worked in the health & fitness industry for 11 of them. His 12wk Program blew me away. AZ’s creative approach to programming and his comprehensive understanding of the human body reflects the bulk hours I imagine he’s spent over the years fine tuning his craft to produce high performing individuals.”