We live in a world full of external stimuli, stressors and constant pressures, and at times it can all get a bit overwhelming, but and its a big but, it doesn't have to be that way, we can train our mind, our body and our physiology to kick in during these heightened times to help bring us back to homeostasis (normal), and it's more simple than you think.

In so many ways, our bodies have all the tools we need to get us through our day to day lives, the ups, the downs, the tough times and the good, our bodies are made to struggle and handle stress, its what its designed to do, its what made us the dominant species we are today.

But where we fall short is that we have overly developed brains that dwell on the past way too much, and project it all onto our future, and this my friend is where we tend to manifest, hold and store the majority of the stress in our lives. 



If we understand the mechanism of where stress, resistance, tension etc is created or manifested (the brain), we can start to get a picture of what needs to be done to get out of these states, and the answer is so simple....


And breathwork is one of these things, and it can supercharge your mind and your body, but don't take it from me, check out some stories from a previous experience I ran below, they will blow you away;



and the crazy thing, this is all with the power of your breath, and it's a connection and experience many of us have never had the pleasure of feeling, and its my job to change that!

My goal with A2Z Strength is to give us the experience of connection, a connection that we've never really felt before;

Connection To Ourselves, Connection To Others, and Connection To Our Environment, through a whole multitude of modalities, and it all starts with the breath! 

I am not some guru, a hippy, or even a monk, I am a man of science, that has spent his whole working life looking at ways to stress the body of high performing athletes and individuals, so that they can show up week in week out at their peak and handle the demands of whatever comes their way. 



What Do You Need?

All I recommend is that you find a quiet room where you can detach yourself from the outside noise or world, ideally put head phones in while you're playing the recording, something to cover your eyes (weighted eye mask ideally), and some pillows to put under your knees so that you have elevated your legs;

Now you're good to go, just lay down and everything else will be explained to you during the recording. 

The freedom and clarity of mind you experience after a deep breathwork session is very hard to compare to, its so unique and its different for everyone each and every time, and that's the beauty of it, being able to tap into our subconscious, and truly feel present in our body is a truly freeing experience, and I hope we all get to feel and experience it.


See you on the other side;