A2Z Strength Show Episode 5 - Dr Trevor Kashey: Nutritional Scientist & Biochemist

Dr Trevor Kashey, is a world leader in Nutritional Science where he holds a PHD in Biochemistry.

I first heard about Dr Kashey in the book ‘The Comfort Crisis’ by Michael Easter and I knew I had to get him on the show! His amazing, unique and ultimately simple view on nutrition, coupled with his incredible understanding of human psychology is world class and something that we have never really seen before, which is why he’s getting the credit he deserves.

His approach was noticed by Azerbaijan Olympic Team when he was just finishing up his PHD and they quickly secured his services during their Rio campaign where he became an integral part of their system and this Olympics ended up being one of their most successful to date.

He is now back in his native USA where he runs his Nutritional Science company ‘Trevor Kashey Nutrition’ where he trains and coaches all walks of life in their nutritional, training & weight loss journey.

This was a great episode and I thoroughly enjoyed the many directions this chat went on, and the takeaways from it are incredibly valuable.


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