A2Z Strength Show Episode 4 - Paul Roos: Former AFL Footballer & Premiership Winning Coach

Paul Roos, is a former Professional AFL Footballer, 2005 Premiership Winning Coach, and Corporate Leadership Coach.

Paul has been talked about as one of the key people involved in turning around the fortunes of the Sydney Swans & Melbourne Demons during some pretty dark days both these clubs were facing at the time.

His person first, player second approach to coaching is a model that's still being replicated even to this day, and his impact on both these clubs are still very much felt.

He really 'gets' people and through his authenticity, and just being a good bloke, he seems to have the ability to get the best out of everyone that comes into contact with him.

Paul now co-runs a very successful Leadership and Culture Business that brings his wealth of knowledge and understanding of Professional Sport and High Performing Environments to the corporate world.

This was a great episode and I thoroughly enjoyed where this chat went and the takeaways from it will stay with me for years to come.


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