A2Z Strength Show Episode 3 - Dan Cooper: Former Australian Special Forces SAS Solider, PHD Researcher & Adventurer Racer

Dan Cooper, is a former SAS Solider in The Australian Special Forces where he served for over 22 years, he holds an Undergraduate Degree, 2 x Masters Degrees and is currently doing his PHD at Macquarie University (Aus) in and around decision making in high performance environments. 

Through his work he is developing best practices and methods to help us civilians in the real world make better decisions under stressful environments/conditions so that we can all have the ability to perform at our peak.     

As well as all this work, Dan keeps himself entertained as an Extreme Adventurer and Endurance Competitor, this has seen him head all over the world to some of the wild places on earth to compete in crazy ass events like his most recent one to Alaska for the Iditarod Adventure Race. 

This was an amazing interview that went in many directions and there is some gold nuggets in here for all of us. 


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