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Course Description

The Off-Season is a great period to recover and fine tune the system, it’s an important period to prepare the body for the demands of the upcoming pre-season.  Far too often athletes break down in pre-season because their body was not prepared for the initial load.  Are you a coach or athlete wanting to:   

  • Experience A Programme Thats Designed To Make Athletes Feel Fresh, Strong And Ready For The Season Ahead? 
  • Master The Fundamentals Of Field Based And Gym Based Movements?
  • Have A Programme That Loads The Tissues In A Way That Will Make More Robust And Resilient To Injury Athletes?

If Yes, Then This Means Your Starting Off The Pre-Season Ahead Of The Pack!

What You Receive 

A 16 Page PDF, Laid Out On A Easy To Follow Template, All With Instructional Videos And Exercise Descriptions. This Off-Season Template Covers;

  • Mobility
  • Warm Ups
  • Speed
  • Speed/Power In The Field
  • Agility
  • Hops, Jumps & Plyometrics
  • Circuits
  • Gym Strength
  • Gym Accessory Work
  • Conditioning (Field & Gym Based) 

Who's It For

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Rehab Coaches
  • Athletes In Off-Season 


As mentioned, this is a TEMPLATE! That means you can modify things to suit your needs. Perhaps you don’t like a certain exercise, or maybe the duration of the session is slightly too long. Programs should always be written in pencil. Change things to suit your needs but make sure you stick to the principles. If you are viewing on a phone or tablet, make sure you save the PDF to your device so you can access the videos.

About The Creator 

Graeme Morris
Strength & Conditioning Coach
graeme_morris (Instagram)


Graeme holds a Degree in Human Movement with Honours in Exercise Physiology, and works primarily in Field Sports (NRL, Rugby League, AFL, Union) and with Combat Athletes.  He specialises in:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Personal Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Correctional Exercise
  • Exercise Rehabilitation