If I could go back in time and change one thing about my coaching journey, it would be to have learnt how to systemise and automate my coaching process earlier. I spent the majority of my time studying the methods and philosophies of HOW to coach, and did nothing on the methods and systems to HELP me coach.

If every coach knew how much easier their life would be if they were able to cut their admin, planning & programming time from hours to minutes I would be a Trillionaire. As Coaches we say it all day every day, “we have no time”, “we are so busy”, “we work crazy hours”, but then we never ask the question of what can we do to reduce these demands and make our lives easier.

That never sat well with me and when I got deeper into this field, I realised I wanted something better for myself and I wanted to enjoy what I did, so I set out finding solutions to make this happen.

Something I Continue To This Day

Excel was something that was never on my radar, it was just something other coaches used so I thought I would do the same. It wasn’t like I could continue writing my programmes on paper or Word.

Once I started working with bigger groups and was smart enough to understand the importance of individualisation and specificity, I soon realised that I needed a skillset I did not possess. So I went on a mission to change that and I’m extremely happy with where I am at today.

Speaking of today, you are most likely here cause you are probably at a point where I once was, you are in need of guidance and solutions with your Excel Coaching Journey. This is exactly what this group is all about, Guidance, Support & Solutions to make your Coaching life easier and more enjoyable.

What will you experience if you join this MASTERY TRIBE?

  • Step By Step Guidance In Building A Template From Scratch
  • Learn Amazing Excel & VBA Tips, Tricks and Automations To Systemise Your Coaching Life
  • Problem Solve & Trouble Shoot Issues You Might Have
  • Provide Solutions To Typical Coaching Problems That Always Seem To Arise

This is done via;

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Live Events
  • Video Content
  • Educational Material 
  • Constant Engagement Within The Community

Who’s It Run By?

Myself, who’s been a real world coach with experience at Junior Development right through to Professional Rugby League in the NRL with the Wests Tigers & Cronulla Sharks, but to accompany my real world application we needed a Excel & VBA Guru who’s well above the level that mine will ever be, and I’m extremely happy to have found that person in Chris Mortimer from Tiger Spreadsheets Solutions.

Who This For?

  • Professional Team Strength, Conditioning & Rehab Coaches
  • Private Strength, Conditioning & Rehab Coaches
  • Personal Trainers/On Line Trainers
  • Students

This is a game changer and one thats going to be hard to beat, so we would love to have you on board.

We will make this FREE initially, then in the coming months a small monthly fee will be asked, but don't worry you have no obligation to stay on when this kicks in, and you can keep all the skills, templates and content if you choose to go, but we are more than confident that you will stay. 

Register HERE, and in the message box write "members tribe count me in" and we will get back to you with the next steps, we launched on Wed 1st July 2020, but you can join in at any time.   

Catch you there;